Profiled polycarbonate

Profiled polycarbonate is a molded polycarbonate with a textured or corrugated structure, possessing excellent strength, making it resistant to hail, wind, and even hammer blows.

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Light scattering and transparency
It evenly diffuses light, creating comfortable illumination without glare. It has the highest transparency rate among all transparent plastics (up to 92%).
Lightness and heat resistance
It weighs only 1.15–1.2 kg/m² with a thickness of 0.8mm, and has a temperature usage range from +100 °C to -50 °C.
Resistance to fire
Profiled polycarbonate is classified as a flame-retardant material, making it safe for use in public and residential buildings.
UV protection and fire resistance
It is resistant to the effects of sunlight, as well as it burns weakly and does not emit dangerous toxic gases when burning.
Versatility in installation
It is ideally suited for roofing, walls, fences, and many other structures due to its shape and ease of installation.
The special profile reinforces the sheets, making them more resistant to mechanical stresses.
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