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Wholesale and retail
Greenhouses and gazebos
Profiled polycarbonate
We supply quality and certified products developed in cooperation with European specialists
Solid polycarbonate
Multiwall polycarbonate
Our prices are lower due to direct contact with manufacturers
  • Overpasses
  • Coating for stadiums, swimming pools
  • Mall glazing
  • Canopies for parking lots and gas stations
  • Public transportation stops
Civil Construction
Polycarbonate is widely used in horticulture, construction and advertising due to its strength, flexibility and light transmittance
Private construction
Areas of use
  • Awnings
  • Arbors
  • Fences
  • Balcony and terrace glazing
  • Pools
  • Garden greenhouses
  • Roof lights
  • Glazing of workshops and warehouses
  • Fencing of workplaces
  • Road noise barriers
Industrial construction
  • Backlit signs
  • Advertising stands
  • Information boards
  • Block letters
  • Industrial greenhouses
  • Glazing of livestock complexes
  • Construction of fish farms
  • Greenhouses for flowers
Polycarbonate is 250 times more resistant to impact than glass. This reduces the risk of damage and increases the service life of the structures
Thermal insulation
The thermal conductivity of polycarbonate is 2-3 times lower than that of glass, so it is ideal for greenhouses and winter gardens
Unlike glass, polycarbonate can be easily bent, giving more design possibilities and applications
Polycarbonate has a light transmission of 88%, providing lighting comparable to glass
UV protection
Polycarbonate contains a UV stabilizer to protect against the harmful effects of UV rays
Material lightness
Polycarbonate weighs about 6 times less than glass. This facilitates transportation, reduces installation and support structure costs

Advantages of polycarbonate compared to glass

Examples of implementation
With us you will get quality materials and professional support every step of the way. Try it and see for yourself!
Technical support
Our experts will provide recommendations on what material better suits your purposes, advise on installation and operation issues
Affordable prices
Our prices are lower due to direct contact with manufacturers
Individual approach
We analyze your needs and offer solutions best suited for your project
KIN Ltd is an expert in the polymer sheet market.
We have been working in the field of construction plastic for over 20 years and know the subtleties of each product.
We supply multiwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, profiled polycarbonate and greenhouses.
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Delivery cost in Tbilisi

Delivery in Tbilisi and Georgia

Zone 1 - 30 GEL
Zone 2 - 40 GEL
(Lilo, Samgori, Varketili, Isani, Avlabari, Ortachala, Krtsanisi)
(Sololaki, Mtatsminda, Vake, Vera, Chugureti, Didube, Sanzona, Nadzaladevi, Saburtalo, Digomi)
Zone 3 - 50 GEL
(Gldani, Temka, Muhiani, Didi Digomi, Avchala)
Multiwall polycarbonate is a classic choice for canopies. Panels with a thickness of 8−10 mm will be optimal in terms of price/quality ratio. The maximum size of multiwall sheets is 2.1×12m. It can withstand the impact of even large hail, as well as the fall of large fruits, including nuts, pears, and apples. Due to its low weight, multiwall polycarbonate exerts less strain on frames and supports, which allows saving on the final cost of the product. Solid polycarbonate sheets (size 2.05×3.05m) are 4−5 times more expensive than multiwall ones. Paying such a premium is worth it if you need a more prestigious appearance or increased strength, for example, from strong winds, snowfalls, or falling stones.
How to properly choose multiwall polycarbonate?
Our polycarbonate isn't afraid of hail
Manufacturing of multiwall polycarbonate
Linear thermal expansion of polycarbonate
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