Multiwall polycarbonate

Multiwall polycarbonate is a lightweight, strong, and transparent polymer material. It consists of multilayer panels produced by the extrusion method. The voids between the layers of the panel contain air, which provides its thermal insulation properties, while the partitions between these voids (stiffening ribs) give the panel high structural strength. These unique properties provide it with a number of advantages:

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Thermal insulation
The material’s thermal conductivity depends on its hollow cell-like structure filled with air. Air is an excellent thermal insulator, hence the cellular panels effectively retain heat. Their use reduces the penetration of cold into the building and allows for up to 50% savings on heating.
Noise insulation
The air cells suppress up to 21 dB of noise. This makes them ideal for soundproofing barriers: fencing off a site from the road, noise-isolating screens at events, or separating workspaces indoors.
Lightness and strength
It is 6 times lighter than glass in weight, simplifying installation, especially on large structures such as shopping centers or swimming pools. At the same time, its impact resistance is 250 times superior to glass.
Resistance to fire
Multiwall polycarbonate is classified as a flame-retardant material, making it safe for use in public and residential buildings.
UV protection
It reflects up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, helping to prevent the fading of furniture and textiles, as well as preserving the color vibrancy of plants in greenhouses.
Flexibility and design
Multiwall polycarbonate is easily bendable, allowing for creative architectural shapes, from arches and domes to unconventional façade solutions.
Considering its durability (over 10 years without significant loss of properties) and minimal maintenance requirements, multiwall polycarbonate is an optimal solution for investing in long-term construction projects.
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