Solid polycarbonate

Solid polycarbonate is a transparent polymeric material with a uniform monolithic structure, possessing high degrees of strength and rigidity while maintaining transparency comparable to glass. Its homogeneous structure makes it ideal for various applications:

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High transparency
With a transparency of 88%, it allows the maximum amount of light to pass through while maintaining visibility quality on par with glass.
Lightness and strength
It is twice as light as glass by weight, which simplifies installation, especially on large objects. At the same time, its impact resistance is 250 times greater than that of glass.
Flexibility and design
Solid polycarbonate is easily cut, drilled, and molded while retaining its properties.
UV protection
It contains integrated UV protection, extending the material's service life and protecting against harmful ultraviolet radiation. It also has resistance to environmental impacts and chemicals.
It retains its appearance and properties longer than many other materials, saving on replacement and repair costs in the long term.
Resistance to fire
Solid polycarbonate is classified as a flame-retardant material, making it safe for use in public and residential buildings.
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