Production of multiwall polycarbonate

By combining molecules of different substances in various sequences, plastics with entirely different strengths can be obtained. The familiar polyethylene can be as soft as a bag and as hard as stone. By removing an extra carbon atom and adding a diatomic alcohol, one of the strongest materials can be obtained — polycarbonate.

The applications of such material are varied: urban, commercial, private construction, agriculture, industrial production, sports facilities, advertising, and interior design. Any small detail can affect the quality of polycarbonate, so the factory must maintain perfect cleanliness. Everything that happens to the raw material until it forms into a thin sheet of plastic occurs in closed devices inside an extruder.

After passing through the oven, a protective film is applied to both sides of the sheet. Then, a marking is applied to the edge of the sheet, which will last for the entire service life. Once the sheet is cut, the open cells at the end of the sheet are taped to prevent dust from entering and to preserve the transparency of the sheet.
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