Use of polycarbonate in advertising

Illuminated signs
Solid polycarbonate is popular for creating illuminated signs. Its transparency allows for even distribution of light, making your advertisement noticeable at night. Such signs last a long time and do not fade in the sun
Advertising stands
Multiwall polycarbonate is an excellent material for advertising stands due to its lightness and resistance to ultraviolet rays. Stands made of polycarbonate are easy to move, and they withstand weather conditions
Information boards
Polycarbonate is often used for information boards in high-traffic areas. It is resistant to mechanical impacts, easy to clean from dirt, and durable
Volumetric letters
Polycarbonate is suitable for creating volumetric letters in advertising due to its lightness, strength, and ease of molding. The material allows for the creation of bright and attractive advertising constructions
Advantages of polycarbonate in advertising
  • Long service life. Polycarbonate is resistant to the effects of sunlight, allowing it to maintain saturated colors of advertising
  • Strength and lightness. Polycarbonate advertising materials are easy to install and resistant to damage
  • Savings. Due to the durability of the material, you won't have to replace advertising elements often
Greenhouses and gazebos
Profiled polycarbonate
Solid polycarbonate
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Multiwall polycarbonate
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