Our polycarbonate is not afraid of hail

Because all the polycarbonate sheets we sell have guaranteed protection against UV rays!
"What does hail and ultraviolet rays have to do with it?" you might ask. Indeed, such physical characteristics of multiwall polycarbonate as density and thickness are undeniably important. The higher they are, the stronger the material, and the more resistant it is to physical impacts. But that’s not all that affects durability.

Now about the main thing. The biggest enemy of polycarbonate is the Sun! It affects it in the visible and, most strongly, in the ultraviolet spectrum — which causes degradation. The plastic becomes brittle and breaks down from significantly less force.

To protect the sheets during production, it is necessary to apply a layer of UV stabilizer with a thickness of 30−50 microns to one surface by co-extrusion. In addition to this, it’s important that the thickness of this UV protection is uniform at any point on the sheet. Such a procedure is sufficient for long-term (10 years or more) use of polycarbonate.

A sheet without protection or with inadequate protection will not last more than one year without destruction. More often than not, the destruction manifests as holes that appear from hail as well as any mechanical impact.

A UV stabilizer is a relatively expensive component, and some manufacturers do not see the economic sense in making such a layer. They justify their position by stating that the raw granules already contain a small percentage (3−4%) of this stabilizer (so that the raw material does not undergo destruction during transport, transshipment, technological chains). Unfortunately, this is not enough, and sheets without proper co-extrusion need to be replaced after just 1−2 years of use.
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